What is the Collectorz Club?

The Collectorz Club is an NFT collection on the Solana blockchain, launched by Cardsaway Sports, an online sports card company based in United States. As a company, our goal is to create a collection that is a catalyst in bridging the gap between the hobby of collecting trading cards and the digital world of NFTs. Being a part of the Collectorz Club means being a part of the most innovative community in the card collecting hobby, as well as gaining access to the CollectorzDAO, which will include several exclusive holder benefits/incentives and future web2/web3 utility. We have spent the past year cultivating the perfect roadmap to create immediate excitement within our community while ultimately focusing on building the future of what our hobby will look like in web3.


The CollectorzDAO consists of 2 generations of Collectorz Club NFT collections: Gen0 and Gen1. Although each collection has unique benefits, they both will play an equal part in the future of Collectorz Club. As revenue streams are generated through Collectorz Club platforms, the CollectorzDAO will collect a percentage from each of these platforms as well as royalties to provide consistent cash flow to the DAO.
  • Mint Date: January 4th, 2022
  • Mint Price: 0.44 SOL
  • Supply: 444 total NFTs
  • Mint Bounty: Those who mint a Gen0 holding graded card, receive a PSA 10 Gem mint card.
  • Daily Physical Collectible Giveaways: Every single day we offer IRL collectible giveaways
  • CollectorzSafe: $5,000 USD to buy collectibles voted on by the DAO. These collectibles are fractionally owned by Gen0 holders.
  • Weekly Trivia: Every Friday, holders get to compete for prizes
  • Exclusive Discounts: DAO discounts to Cardsaway websites
  • Collectorz Marketplace: Sell your sports/trading cards for 50% less than EBay
  • Visionary Studios: WL opportunities to Visionary Studios projects
  • Daily Fantasy: We partnered with Phantasia Sports to offer exclusive fantasy contests for our community and win IRL prizes!
  • Gen1 Gift Package: Gen0 holders will get a 1:1 airdrop of Gen1
  • Future Utility presented in Gen1
  • Mint Date: August 4th, 2022
  • Mint Price: 0.44 SOL
  • Supply: 3,000 total NFTs | 1,700 for public
  • Staking: We plan to launch our staking system within 3-5 days of our mint completing. You will be able to stake your NFTs to earn $CLUB, which will be used within the Collectorz ecosystem.
  • CollectorZone (Hold-to-Collect/Invest): After mint is complete we will launch our CollectorZone platform. This platform will be a one-stop-shop for the Collectorz ecosystem which will include a staking platform as well as a marketplace to use your $CLUB on physical and digital collectibles, as well as IRL events.
  • Custom Gen1 Collectorz: After mint, those who hold "x" amount of Gen1's (TBD) will be able to receive a custom 1/1 NFT with attributes of their choice.
  • Collectorz Grading Service: CGS creates custom handmade NFT trading cards, encased in graded slabs. Gen1 holders will receive exclusive discounts up to 50% off!
  • NFT Giveaways: We will run frequent free NFT giveaways in our discord.


Collectorz Gen0
✅ Prepare for Gen0 Launch
- Create Artwork/Social media accounts
- Grow community in discord
- Giveaways to early members
- Build website
- Create mint site
✅ Announce Gen0 Benefits
- Free Gen1 Airdrop (1:1)
- Daily Free Giveaways
- Trivia to win real prizes
- Access to exclusive breaks + fire sales
✅ Gen0 Launch (Jan. 4th, 2022)
- Launch Mint Site
- List on secondary marketplaces
✅ CollectorzDAO Formation
- Exclusive to Gen0 Holders only!
✅ CollectorzSafe Formation
- A portion of mint proceeds go to the Safe [$5k Max]
- DAO votes on what physical cards to buy
- Fractionalized ownership amongst holders
✅ Collectorz Club, LLC Formation
- A registered LLC in the State of Minnesota
✅ Collectorz Club Marketplace
- A platform for our holders to sell their physical collectibles
- DAO will receive a % of all sales on this platform
Collectorz Gen1
✅ Prepare for Gen1 Launch
- Create Artwork
- Update website
- Create mint site
✅ Gift Package for Gen0 Holders
- 444 Gen0 holders receive an airdrop of a Gen1 (1:1)
✅ Gift Package for Visionary Genesis Holders
- 777 Visionary Genesis holders receive an airdrop of a Gen1 (1:1)
✅ Gen1 Launch (August 4th, 2022)
-  1,700 supply available for public mint.
Create $CLUB Token
- This will be a rewards token that will be used within our CollectorZone platform to get FREE physical and digital assets as well as IRL events.
Launch CollectorZone
- CollectorZone will serve as a one-stop-shop for CollectorzDAO benefits including a staking system as well as a marketplace. Similar to an arcade prize area, you will be able to redeem your $CLUB for amazing "prizes" in our marketplace.
🔳 Launch CGS
- Collectorz Grading Service (CGS) will allow digital collectors to receive their NFTs in a physical trading card slab format. We create custom handmade cards that are welded inside high quality graded slabs. CollectorzDAO will receive exclusive discounts up to 50% off!
🔳 Begin the "Collectorz" Brand
- More info coming soon...
🔳 Collectorz x Visionary Platform Collab
- We are working on a huge project with Visionary Studios! Details coming soon...
🔳 Upcoming Platform #1
- This platform will be unlocked after the launch of the Collectorz x Visionary collaboration.
🔳 Upcoming Platform #2
- Details coming soon! 
🔳 More BUILDING!!!
- The future is bright when you work hard and stay persistent! 


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